Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
Here's how I did it....
I don't know of any repair manual that has been written or published for the Roper/Sears tractors. Oh well.....we'll have to try to put
one together on our own! What I've done here is to photograph some mechanical procedures as I performed them on my tractor. I also
wrote a short description of what I am doing (or trying to do!) to explain the photos. Please let me know if you want to contribute any
information. I think this could be a valuable area if we can get repair information on the different types of tractors that were made. .
Folks, I am not a master mechanic. All of my mechanical skills were learned under the shade of a large tree outside my home. This
information is presented here for informational purposes only.
If you don't feel your mechanical skills are honed fine enough to tackle
these task, then by all means do not attempt to do it.
There are plenty of competent mechanics out there who would be willing to do the
job for you. Please do not send me nasty notes saying you broke your tractor, or worse yet, hurt yourself, while working on it. And as
Norm says, "always wear your safety glasses". Oh, and by the way, let me know if you see me screwing up something here. I don't
want to pass along any bad information.
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