It's difficult to identify the year of a Sears tractor. The date of manufacture is not listed on the tractor itself. With the Tecumseh and
Briggs engines, the date code can be obtained from the engine to give the year the engine was manufactured. If the engine has been
replaced you will have a problem. If the tractor hasn't been repainted, the original color is also useful in determining the year. I hope to
someday get all the information regarding model numbers and year of manufacture.

With the identification problem in mind, I set out on a journey to collect as much  material regarding the Sears tractors as I could get
my hands on. This mainly consists of old Sears Farm and Garden Catalogs. When working with this information, I noticed that Sears
apparently used a
base model number, then changed the last digit of the model number as minor changes (perhaps in parts sources)
were made. Here is an example: The 1968 SS 12 is listed as model 917.25310. I own two 1968 SS 12's, one with a low serial number,
the other with a high serial number. Both are model number 917.25311. I try to verify all  the model numbers I find by checking them
on the Sears Part Direct Site.

I'm always looking for more information. If anyone has something they feel would be useful here, please let me know.
Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
Tractor Identification Area:
Here are the basic styles of tractors that Sears sold during the 60's and early 70's. The tractors are listed by year, with a link to an
image of each tractor (when available). The model numbers of the tractors are also shown.

Early Suburban Tractors    1959 - 1965

Suburban Tractors

Custom Tractors

Hydro Tractors

1977 Tractors
Tractor Identification
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From the archives.....
I received an email in the mid 2000's with a list of Sears equipment listed by model number. It is presented here:  Sears Power
Equipment by Model Number
 I take no credit for creation of the list and don't recall who sent it. I haven't checked it for accuracy, so if
anyone sees an error, please let me know.