Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
On September 16, 1974 at 11:30 am, the 500,000th tractor rolled off the assembly line at the Roper Outdoor Products plant.
Newsletter accounts of the celebration indicate it must have been a jovial day at the plant. Speeches by the management were given
over the loudspeakers at the plant and a luncheon, attended by company brass, also took place.

Roper began producing garden tractors in 1958. In April, 1969, the 250,00th tractor rolled out of the plant. Just five years later, the
count was up to one half million. The company was so grateful to the employees that all the coffee and soft drink machines in the
plant were dispensing drinks for free that day. Wow!  I would have loved to be at the end of Production Line One on that day in
September as the special machine was unveiled.

I would like to think that this beautiful tractor is still in storage or on display somewhere. Nobody I've ever talked to, other than
employees of the company, has ever seen it. I'd love to hear that it's in some obscure Sears Warehouse somewhere in Chicago. My
guess is that it was sold somewhere down the line, hopefully to someone who recognized that us silly tractor collectors one day would
be writing about it.
Anniversary Tractor
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