Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
My first Sears Tractor was a 1963 model 725. It had lived outside all it's life and was quite rusty. I brought it home and began my
journey into the inner workings of the mysterious clutch. Oh, if I'd only had the manual for that tractor. I had to spend quite a bit of
time fooling with that clutch in order to figure it out. What I didn't know was that the tractor had been used in the sandy soil in the Pine
Barrens of New Jersey. The sand had gotten into the clutch assembly and wore it out. The manual wouldn't have helped the wear, but
it sure would have saved me some time.

I began seeing the manuals on E-Bay many years ago when I started this site. I collected a few, but that really wasn't my priority. As
time went by, others amassed a great collection of the manuals in order to sell them. That's a great resource of course, but I enjoy just
putting stuff out there for all to see. With that though in mind, I've begun to scan some of the manuals I have. There is no charge to
look at them, or download them to print them.

If anyone wants to donate manuals in PDF or printed format, I will upload them here. Contact me for a snail mail address if you want
to mail them to me. Here's a link to the email address:  
Vintage Sears Garden Tractors

The manuals don't differ that much between years, so you may find information you need on your tractor in one of the manuals listed
below, even if it isn't from your specific tractor.
The second group of manuals covers a generic Custom from the early 1970's.

Custom 10E Assembly and Operating Manual 917.25070

38" Mower Deck for Custom Tractors 917.252010
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