Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
Roper/Sears were very responsive to customer complaints. Customer
satisfaction has always been a trademark of the Sears Brand. So when
complaints regarding a certain problem started coming in from the field, the
team got right on it. A look at some of what where called "Service Flash"
documents gives one a unique perspective on how the team reacted to
problems. The rugged simplicity and well thought out engineering of the
Bradley/Roper tractors kept massive recalls, like we're all used to now, totally
out of the picture. The problems were handled promptly and efficiently, by
men driving the blue Sears vans and wearing the uniforms like the guy on the

I've posted a select few of the Service Flashes from my collection here so
collectors can get an insight into how things operated in those bygone days.
Some relevant information can still be learned from them.
Service Flashes
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